BEC EnviroSeries Online Conference 1 December 2021

Event Name

BEC EnviroSeries Conference: Transforming Business for Sustainability

Date and Time

1 December 2021, 09:45 to 16:35


BEC Auditorium and Online


COVID-19 has reshaped the way we live our lives, forcing us to re-examine priorities, re-consider the status quo and innovate solutions to thrive under the ‘new normal’. Early on, as everyone fought the pandemic through lockdowns around the world, it was expected that sustainability would move down the list of priorities with the business sector facing certain economic downturn. In fact, we observed the opposite trend with even more ambitious actions to combat climate change, address circularity and enhance contributions to building a sustainable living environment.

Learning from this shared pandemic experience, there is an accelerated shift in business focus to long-term value creation that considers the needs of stakeholders beyond shareholders including consumers, employees and the wider society. In an increasingly unpredictable world, the expectations stakeholders have of the business sector change rapidly and companies must respond. Taking a reactive stance is not good enough. Leadership must transform to be more proactive to pre-empt emerging risks and openly embrace opportunities.

The announcement of a series of blueprints this year by the HKSAR Government on key environmental policies including waste management and resource circularity, popularisation of electric vehicles, air quality management, and carbon neutrality offers a glimpse of a sustainable Hong Kong in the future. Achieving sustainability requires multi-sector collaboration for transformative change and the business community is at the forefront of this transformation through learning, sharing and leading responsible business practices.

Objectives of the conference:

Following the June 2021 EnviroSeries Conference entitled “Redefining Business Leadership for Green Growth”, this conference aims to continue the conversation on how business transformation would enable the building of a green and sustainable Hong Kong. Specifically, the conference will
(a) share, showcase and discuss best practices and success stories in business transformation from selected industries, and
(b) inspire BEC members and the wider business community to push for transformational strategies and ambitious actions conducive to long-term sustainability and the creation of shared value for society.

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