Logo Guideline

  1. Only HKEV’s corporate or personal members are eligible to use our logo;
  2. Once the company or individual members are approved to join the association, they have the right to display the HKEV logo on their business cards and the websites of their subsidiary/service companies;
  3. If a member requests to use the “logo” on other collateral materials, it must be applied via the secretariat and be approved beforehand;
  4. Company or individual members can only use the HKEV Logo provided by the secretariat and cannot make any changes to it; Any violation will lead to cancellation of membership;
  5. While the use of HKEV logo can be used for publicity in general, such as exhibitions, press conferences, road shows, etc., members cannot use it for commercial purposes, such as soliciting business or help promote its company’s products; Members has the obligation to notify the secretariat of the relevant activities. And usage of our logo should only be started only upon approval.
  6. In rare case of rejection from secretariat , the case can be escalated to our board of directors for final decision.