Corporate Membership




  • From 01-Apr-2020 onward, corporate membership is subject to a membership fee of HK$12,000
  • After the submission our secretarian office will follow up with you on document verification and membership fee matters
  • Annual Fee for corporate member and individual member are HK$12,000 and HK$1,200 respectively. All checque should be made payable to “Hong Kong E-Vehicles Business General Association Limited
  • Please tender a copy of your HKID card and namecard for personal member application
  • Please tender a copy of your business registration certificate, list of directors and representative’s HKID copy and namecard for corporate member application.


  • All information collected will strictly be used in within the association only
  • General corporate and personal members have no voting rights
  • All members are required not to conduct any acts which will potentially harm the goodwill of our organization