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With the growing popularity of environmental awareness, the development of clean energy vehicles is a global trend. Many countries, such as Norway, Germany, and China, have announced that they will soon put brakes on the sales of fossil-fuel vehicles in a race to cut emissions and pollution. It is also the long-term goal of the Hong Kong Government to use clean energy vehicles, including electric vehicles, instead of fossil-fuel vehicles to improve air quality.

Following the recent HKSAR Government initiative for better living in SMART CITY BLUEPRINT to build Hong Kong into a world-class smart city, making the city greener, cleaner and livable, including promoting and popularizing green vehicle technology.

The Hong Kong E-Vehicles Business General Association (“HKEVA”) was established in 2017. “Promoting innovation, nurturing support and professional colleagues” has become our goal. We comprise a group of elites from the automotive industry, active participation of Legco members, power supply and distribution service providers, renowned multinational corporations, pioneers in EV charging solutions, Innovation and Technology Industry professionals, car traders, green environmental vehicle experts and smart city promoters including EVs users. In addition, vehicle manufacturers, well-known green environment automotive research institutes and various universities professors and academics are also invited to be our advisory team. We strive to establish a solid platform for discussion as well as providing information and advice to facilitate the building of SMART CITY BLUEPRINT particularly in Smart Mobility with Green environment for better using and running of green vehicle technologies in Hong Kong.

HKEV_weblogo_small  Perpeptual Honarary President

陳清泉 院士
Prof. C.C. Chan

Prof. C. C. Chan holds BSc, MSc, PhD, HonDSc, HonDTech degrees. Honorary Professor and FormerHead of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Hong Kong; Visiting Professor of MIT, University of Cambridge, etc; Founding President of the World Electric Vehicle Association; Senior Consultant to governments, Strategic Adviser or Independent Director of public companies and ndustries; Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, U.K., Chinese Academy of Engineering, IEEE, IET and HKIE. Recipient of the Royal Academy of Engineering Prince Philip Medal; World Federation of Engineering (WFEO) Medal of Engineering Excellence; Gold Medal of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers; IEE International Lecture Medal; “Asia’s Best Technology Pioneers” by Asiaweek; “Father of Asian Electric Vehicles” by Magazine Global View; “Pitamaha (Grandfather) of Electric Vehicle Technology” in India; “Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award” by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE); published 11 books, over 300 technical papers and holds 9 patents.

HKEV_weblogo_small  Founding Committee

董清良 會長
Kent Tang President
龔華海 副會長兼財務長
Raymond Kung Vice President & Financial Secretary
張錦雄 副會長兼秘書長
Ronald Cheung Vice President and Secretary
陳福祥教授 副會長及文教事務
Edward Chan Vice President and Technical Training Services
于家明 副會長及會員事務
Sunny Yu Vice President and Membership Affairs
陳彤 副會長
Tony Chan Vice President
谷德勝 副會長及中國事務
Jacky Coke Vice President and China Affairs
王健文 副會長
Wong Kin Man Vice President
Joseph Chan Founding Committee
Dr. Stephen Chen Committee Member and Innovation Technology
Jam Lor Founding Committee
Connie Tai Founding Committee

HKEV_weblogo_small  Committee Members

Gary Ng Committee Member
Cliff Wu Committee Member
Lawson Lau Committee Member
Tony Land Committee Member

HKEV_weblogo_small  Honarary Adviors

劉健儀 女士 GBS, OBE, JP - 港區人大代表
劉健儀 女士 GBS, OBE, JP 前港區人大代表
易志明 議員 SBS, JP
易志明 議員 SBS, JP 香港特別行政區立法會 航運交通界
陳恒鑌議員 BBS JP
陳恒鑌議員 BBS JP 立法會議員
梁廣灝 先生 SBS, OBE, JP
梁廣灝 先生 SBS, OBE, JP 香港工程師學會資深會員
何懿德教授 MH 香港高等教育科技學院 客席教授
何懿德教授 MH 香港高等教育科技學院 客席教授
陳紹雄 先生 JP
陳紹雄 先生JP 中電控股有限公司中國區總裁
余錦基先生 SBS, MBE, BBS, JP
余錦基先生 SBS, MBE, BBS, JP 香港汽車會會監 / 軟庫實業有限公司
熊永達 博士
熊永達 博士 MH 香港的士業議會 主席
袁松山 先生 董事總經理大通(亞洲)有限公司
袁松山 先生 董事總經理 大通(亞洲)有限公司
潘志健 博士
潘志健 博士 香港生產力促進局及 汽車零部件研發中心 總經理
李耀培 博士
李耀培 博士 香港汽車工業學會會長
莫裕生 副主席
莫裕生 副主席 雅麗氏何妙齡那打素慈善基金會
陳文昭 先生 林寶堅尼 銷售總經理
陳文昭 先生 林寶堅尼 銷售總經理
羅高明 先生
羅高明 先生 榮譽顧問
朱燦培 先生
朱燦培 先生 香港駕駛學院有限公司
李德發 先生
李德發 先生 汽車系統測試中心 有限公司 董事
羅少雄 院士 MH
羅少雄 院士 MH 世運(汽車)集團 主席

HKEV_weblogo_small  Legal Advisors

廖碩 卜蜂集團 法務部 副總裁
鄭燕芳 劉陳高律師事務所 合夥人
梁浩然 律師 梁浩然律師事務所 有限法律責任合夥
談文鎮 梁浩然律師事務所 有限法律責任合夥

HKEV_weblogo_small  名譽會長

陳偉民 先生
陳偉民 先生 創會名譽會長